7 Rugs to Rock Your Room in 2021

Tired of your feet touching cold bare tiles or wooden floorboards as you clamber from bed?

Bored of the pale cream wall-to-wall carpet covering the floor of your bedroom?

Then why not roll out a rug and change the look and feel of the space? 

A rug can provide instant warmth and interest to your room. Drawing attention to certain areas and providing comfort for your tired tootsies.

You can place it next to your bed, or at the foot. Alternatively, how about rolling out a rug beneath your bed. Aim to place it so your bed sits right in the center - this will give a pretty picture-frame effect, with your new rug poking out from all around. 

A decent rug can really lift your room, but you don’t have to blow your paycheck to get one. Here at GuccioHome we are focused on providing beautiful items at an attractive price. Here are 7 of our favorite rugs, guaranteed to take your floors from bland to beautiful.    

Dark Grey Faux Fur Rug

Our Dark Grey Faux Fur Rug is super soft and will elegance and contemporary chic to your space. The rug is 100% polyester, and is easy to clean / maintain. Choose from 4 sizes. 

Moving Fossil Geometric Rug

Stunning to look at, and with a rather unique design, the Moving Fossil Geometric Rug will make a bold statement in your home. The blue, grey and white geometric lines stand out and the soft velvet finish (6mm deep)  makes this rug a treat for your feet. The rug is densely woven for durability and the low pile makes for easier cleaning.  Choose from 3 sizes. 

Colored Geometry Rug 

Give your room a lift by adding the Colored Geometry Rug, the colored scribbling over a dark background results in a fresh and funky look. The rug is super soft (made from 100% polyester and approx 6-8mm thick), is water-absorbent and has a non-slip bottom. Choose from 8 sizes. 

Modern Pattern Rug

Go for the monochrome effect with the Modern Pattern Rug. This super soft rug (6-8mm thick) features a dark background covered with circular, white scribbling. With it’s non-slip backing and water-absorbency, this rug will is both practical and striking. Choose from 8 sizes. 

Animal Style Rug

Go wild with this Animal Style Rug featuring a zebra face and stripes on a dark background. This rug offers oodles of style and warmth, and it’s lovely and soft too (6-8mm thick). It’s water-absorbing and has a non-slip bottom too - so you won’t slip and slide around on it. Choose from 8 sizes.  

White Fluffy Round Rug 

So soft and fluffy it feels like you’ve dipped your toes in a bag of feathers! The White Fluffy Round Rug is extremely soft and could be compared to sheepskin. The white color gives the item an elegant edge and there’s also latex backing to stop it from moving unerfoot. Choose from 5 sizes. 

Jade Hand Woven Rug

Let’s wrap things up with the Jade Hand Woven Round Rug

The modish black and white color adds a contemporary feel, whilst the texture is best described as luxurious. At 15mm the rug is relatively thick too, and not only can you choose from 11 sizes, but you can also customise the size.

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