7 Amazing Artwork Pieces to Inspire and Uplift

Brighten up your bedroom and add character by investing in amazing artwork. Artwork, such as canvas art and wall ornaments can really pull together the overall look and feel of the space.

Compliment the decor and furnishings by opting for a style that sits well with your look. Pictures showing serene landscapes, seascapes and greenery tend to instil feelings of tranquility and calm.  While bright and bold designs convey energy and will certainly help you to wake up in the mornings!

You should also give some thought to where you are going to position your artwork. Hanging a piece over the bed or on the wall opposite provides a nice focal point, and if it’s on the large side we suggest you hang it at eye-level. 

Striking artwork can be pricey, but here at Zavato Home we want to help you to achieve that luxe look for less.  Why not take a look at 7 of our most attractive pieces?  All are guaranteed to take your walls from insipid to inspirational.  

Each piece we’ve featured here is printed in high-quality, fade-resistant ink, so the piece looks vivid and just like a hand-painted picture. The design is printed on a cotton canvas, so there’s no wrinkling tearing. The canvas is also coated in a water-proof sealing for durability. 

Choose matching designs or mix and match for truly creative combinations. All prints are provided in a tube - simply purchase a frame to complement your interior. 

Golden Waves

The ocean has a hypnotic ebb and flow, and the Golden Waves canvas art will leave you feeling serene. With its marble effect and vibrant color, this artwork will add a touch of calm and style to your interior. Choose from 3 different sizes and 3 variations in design.

Black & Gold 

This sumptuous Black & Gold canvas features large leaves in striking black and gold leaves. If you’re looking for a statement piece to finish off your room, this should fit the bill nicely. There are 3 sizes available and 3 variations of the design. 

Flowers in Abstract 

Pretty as a picture is the best way to describe Flowers in Abstract. This flowery canvas will usher spring and summer firmly into your home, whatever the season. The blue, pink and brown blooms are printed in a marbling style, which gives the piece a stylish look. There are 5 sizes to choose from and 4 variations in design. 

Noir Marble 

A marbling masterpiece, the Noir Marble canvas  showcases washes of color blended together in a marbled effect. The overall impact is mesmerizing and this picture would look lovely perched on the wall. This print is available in 8 different sizes and 3 colours. 


It’s time to go wild and let your animalistic urges come out - or you could update your home by adding eye-catching Animal canvasses featuring animals such as zebras, elephants, rhinos, lions, giraffes and horses. There are 8 sizes and 6 different designs available to choose from.


If you’re looking for a stunning picture that will act as a focal point you could take a look at the Reflections canvas .

The eye-catching colors jump out at you and the abstract style will give your room an instant update. There are 4 sizes to choose from. 

Black Gold 

Sophisticated chic is the order of the day with this Black Gold canvas. The picture of a beautiful woman, eyes closed, will certainly stand out - and add instant interest to your room.

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