7 Perfect Pillows For Your Bedroom in 2020

Lay back and relax - it’s time to climb into your bed and let the day slip away. We know how important it is to be comfy in bed, whether you’re trying to prop yourself to finish that blockbuster or lying flat to enjoy a restful sleep. 

That’s why it’s so important to choose the right pillows. Comfort goes hand in hand with style, so along with feeling good your pillows should look the part too.

Plumped, pretty pillows can  make a real statement when attractively arranged on your bed 

Not sure where to start? Well, we suggest choosing pillows that compliment your bed, bedding and the decor in your bedroom.

We’ve listed 8 of our top pillow picks to help you on your way. Sweet dreams! 

Beauvais Collection 

Stylish and laden with plenty of intrinsic details, the Beauvais Collection features a wide range of polyester cushion covers. In total there are 26 colors and designs to choose from, including a stags head, pretty hearts, geometric shapes and the top of a pineapple. Cushion cover size is 45 cm x 45 cm.

Be Courageous Throw Pillow Cushion Cover 

The Be Courageous Throw Pillow Cushion Cover looks resplendent in decadent black and gold. The letters stand out and the message speaks for itself “Be Courageous Little Soul.” The polyester cushion cover features a hidden zipper and measures approx 45cm x 45 cm.

Black Feather Pillow Case 

Add style and elegance to your room with the Black Feather Pillow Case. This pretty design features golden feathers on a black background. The plush, velvety material is soft to the touch and measures 43 cm x 43 cm. 

Golden Grey & White Throw Pillow Case

A modern style with distinctive geometric patterns, this Golden Grey & White Throw Pillow Case will certainly catch your eye. The polyester pillow is 45 cm x 45 cm, and will add instant interest to your room. 

Inverness Cushion Cover 

You can choose a wide range of colors and designs (26 in total)  if you opt for an Inverness Cushion Cover. Add a modern slant to your room with one of these polyester cushion covers (or maybe even two or three). Dimensions are 45 cm x 45 cm.45 cm. 

Paisley Cushion Covers

With 16 designs available you will spoilt for choice with our Paisley Cushion Covers. The stunning pale backgrounds and golden designs really stand out, and will add a classy vibe to your decor. One side is printed and the other is plain, and there’s a hidden zipper so you can remove the pad and wash the cover as needed. 

Bondy Throw Pillowcase Cover 

Go dotty for our Bondy Throw Pillowcase Cover. The spotty design (white with colorful dots) will liven up your room and update your decor. The 45cm x 45 cm pillow is made from cotton and polyester.

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