Luxury Bedrooms: Our Top 7 Elegant Bedding Sets

Create Your Perfect Sleep Sanctuary With Our Range Of Egyptian Cotton Bedding

Your bed is more than just a place to rest your head after a weary day – it’s a place for contemplation and relaxation, for intimacy and connection. With the average person set to spend around 33 years of their life in bed, it stands to reason that your bed should offer you a place of comfort beyond comparison. And what better place to start than with our selection of elegant bedding sets? 

Egyptian cotton bed sheets are super soft, luxurious and extremely robust and hardwearing. This should be your go-to material for a relaxing and refreshing night’s sleep. Whilst comfort is key, you also want to opt for an elegant design that compliments your bedroom décor and showcases your personality. Due to their great propensity to take in water, our coloured bedding sheets made from Egyptian cotton will maintain their vibrancy when cleaned, making it easy for you to find the perfect colour scheme for your bedroom.

We understand that it can be difficult to achieve a luxury look and feel without paying the earth. That’s why we’ve curated our top-seven picks for elegant and affordable bedding sets that will take your bedroom from drab to dazzling. It’s time to enhance the look of your bedroom and enjoy the comfortable night’s sleep you deserve. 

Sleep like Royalty with Our Elegant Bedding Sets

the Royal Bedding Set

Let’s begin with a bedding set fit for nobility — the Royal Bedding Set. This beautiful bedding features intricate gold embroidered patterns and luxury textured details for a regal look. Crafted from 100% Egyptian cotton with an impressive thread count of 600,  this set is surprisingly lightweight, comfortable and worthy of even the most discerning of sleepers. 

Red-Hot Passion

Scarlet Love Egyptian Cotton Duvet Bedding Set

For those wanting an elegant boudoir feel, look no further than our Scarlet Love Egyptian Cotton Duvet Bedding Set. It promises to add a certain je ne sais quoi to your bedroom with its stunning good looks and a sleek softness. The rich ruby red of the fabric looks great when paired against either dark or light coloured bedroom walls. Like the others in our range, this set is also crafted from 100% Egyptian cotton and boasts a thread count of 600, guaranteeing a peaceful slumber.

Flora and Fauna

Floral Sophistication Bedding Set

Make a décor statement by furnishing your bedroom with the unique, bespoke design of our Floral Sophistication Bedding Set that is carefully handmade to order. Offering a zing of vibrant colour and plenty of oriental charm, this golden-hued bedding set showcases a striking floral design and features birds perched delicately on outstretched branches. Crafted from 100% Egyptian cotton and with a thread count of 500, this set is both stylish and luxurious.

A Fairy-Tale Ending

Fairyland Bedding Set

Dream in whimsical delight with our Fairyland Bedding Set. Set against a deep navy background, this exquisite bedding set is adorned with embroidered tributes to fairytale stories to encourage the magic of sleep to flow. Decorate with jewel-coloured scatter cushions to complete the luxe look. You can also expect comfort, as the Fairyland Bedding Set is crafted with a thread count of 600.

Floral Paradise

Floral Paradise Watercolour Bed Set

Soft, comfortable and silky to the touch, our Floral Paradise Watercolour Bed Set promises to provide the setting for a peaceful night’s sleep while adding a delightful garden charm to your bedroom décor. Crafted from Egyptian cotton, these sheets will keep crisp and colourful, even after many washes. Perfect for pairing with light bedroom walls and a cosy cream throw, this set is a must-have for those looking to elevate their sleep.

A Classic Statement

A Classic Statement

For enduring style and a silky smooth finish, you can’t get any better than our Cream Delight Bedding Set. This chic and stylish bedding set is crafted from 100% Egyptian cotton and has a thread count of 400, but it is this set’s timeless appeal that earnt it a spot on our list. The classic simplicity of its design means you can keep the look pared down in a clean, minimalist Scandi-style, or inject some bold colour with the addition of brightly coloured throws and scatter cushions.

A Taste of the Orient

A Taste of the Orient

Finally, we have the subtle blue tones and oriental influence of the exquisite Oriental Blue Egyptian Cotton Bedding Set. The fact that it’s made from 100% Egyptian cotton and that it has a thread count of 600 only serves to add to its alluring charm. The soft pastel blue and buttery cream palette of this elegant bedding set promises to seamlessly compliment any bedroom colour scheme, whilst the luxury cotton fabric will be sure to elevate your sleep experience.

With nearly 50 different Luxury Egyptian Cotton Bedding Sets to choose from, you are bound to find what you are looking for in our range. Invest in our high-quality elegant bedding sets today.

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