Top 7 Unique Bedroom Lighting Ideas in 2020

The right lighting can bring a room to life. After all, who wants dull and drab when you can have bright and beautiful?

There are some wonderful lighting options on the market, from chandeliers to pendant lights and wall sconces. Choose decorative lighting to compliment your bedroom and color scheme. 

While there’s no doubt style counts, your lighting also needs to meet your needs in practical terms too. Yes, we lay down to sleep in our bedrooms every night (and if we’re lucky we might grab a cheeky nap sometimes too)! But, bedrooms can be eclectic spaces, and  we often read, work, relax, dress, groom and have fun there too! Therefore, we need lighting options that fit our busy lives.  

We understand that it can be difficult to achieve a luxury look and feel without paying the earth. That’s why we’ve come up with 7 decorative  and affordable lighting options that will take your bedroom from dull to dazzling. It’s time to enhance the look of your bedroom - let’s light it up! 

 Modern metal

Let’s kick things off with the first on our list, the Artpad modern metal creative bedroom bedside light. You can mount this useful light on the wall and extend its scalable long arm - position it to suit your needs.  Perfect for reading, writing and applying make-up, the Artpad light comes fitted with LED bulbs, and can iilluminate 10-15 square meters of your room in true style. The iron shade faces downwards and comes in 7 colors including black, white, blue, gray, green, yellow and silver. Aside from the bedroom this light can also be fitted on the wall in a study, bathroom, kitchen, dining room or foyer. 

Scandi style 

Stylish and functional - the Deevolpo Nordic postmodern design scones light has simple scandi style stamped all over it. The strip glass modern wall lamp has a pared-back look. The warm-white lampshade sits handsomely on its metal stand. You can choose from 4 popular colors for this including white, black, chrome and rose-gold. Mount the Nordic light to your wall (this product doesn’t come with LED bulbs, so you will need to purchase those), and light up your space. 

Antique wrought iron 

The UNICASA antique wrought iron light has an industrial feel. This pendant light has a black iron shade (which is white inside providing a cool contrast. The halogen bulbs can be dimmed to the level that suits you, and can illuminate up to 10 square meters of space.

 Vintage retro 

The next on our list is the DVOLADOR golden vintage industrial pendant light. This nordic style pendant light has a wedge style base and golden brushed stainless steel exterior. The LED bulbs are included and will light up around 10-15 square meters. 

3D wow factor 

The Horsten novelty LED pendant light has an eye-catching post-modern 3D design that will add the finishing touches to your bedroom. This silver colored glass pendant light is available in four different shapes, just choose the one that best suits your bedroom. The LED bulbs (not included) will illuminate 3-5 square meters.  

Designer glass ball

The ZYZAO Nordic glass ball bedside wall lamp has a stylish designer look, featuring retro brass fitting and a white frosted glass circular shade. You can choose from a large or small lamp and opt for either a warm light or pure white light. The LED bulbs are included and will illuminate 5-10 square meters.  If you’re after a chic looking lamp this one could be for you. 

Rustic Glass

Our final product is the rustic knot pendant - with it’s bold good looks this striking wood and glass light will make an impact in your bedroom (or any other living space for that matter).

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